The #1 Proven Exercise to BUILD Your BOOTY and Properly Perform the "HipThrust"
Top 5 Lies about Your Butt you may not have known!
1. Deadlifts and Squats activate the most Booty Muscles aka Glute Muscles. Definitely NOT!!! They will not aid in building a bigger stronger booty! The Hip Thruster is one of the number 1 exercises that cause the most glute activation.

2.Big Butt  is a strong butt! NOPE! Just because you have a big butt doesn't mean it's made of muscle! Adipose (aka Fat Tissue) is not a muscle!

3. You have to do hundreds of different exercises to stimulate your booty muscles.  NEGATIVE! A combination of weight training and metabolic stress training is the best combination for building a strong foundation!

4. Squat Challenges give you a bigger butt. FALSE!  They will give you bigger thighs!

5. You must feel sore the next day to build your glutes. WRONG! You might be sore when you first start off, but the best way to build a strong foundation is through Progressive Adaptation. You're better off being able to train in a way that doesn't annihilate you and allows you to train more frequently rather then only once per week. You can start with body-weight and progress upward into more advanced moves with weights.
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